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The employment directory in Alberta, Canada - Alberta government jobs is listing here some Alberta government websites.   Municipal, provincial or federal are different levels of government entities you
can work for in Alberta.

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    Alberta Municipal Jobs
This website make it easier for you to find a job in a city, county, town, municipal district, village or summer village in Alberta. This website captures current vacancies in the municipal sector making it easier for you to find a job on one central site. For municipalities, this site attracts qualified and experienced candidates to fill your vacancies in a cost-effective manner.

Would working for The City work for you?
According to independent rankings, Edmonton has one of the best qualities of life and most affordable housing among Canadian cities.  Do you want to work for The City?

Thinking about moving to Edmonton?  Check that site:

    Government of Alberta
Want to work for Government of Alberta.  This site is for you.
    Government of Canada
Want to work for Government of Canada in Alberta.  This site is for you.
    University of Alberta
Do you want to contribute to one of Canada's top teaching and research universities? Do you want to belong to a vibrant community making headlines with new knowledge? Do you want to be part of a learning community that values collegiality, fresh ideas, and enthusiasm? Do you want to develop your reputation, reach your potential, give something to the world?

Do you want to live in a city where you can enjoy unmatched civic culture, experience a dramatic physical landscape, and get a superior education for your children?

If this is what you want, the University of Alberta - in the thriving city of Edmonton, in the booming province of Alberta - might be the place for you.
    University of Calgary
Whether you are a seasoned professional or a new graduate, the University has several positions available at all levels and in all industries.

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Work In Alberta Canada - The employment directory in Alberta, Canada 

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